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This PDF builds on the PDF "The Model of Human Occupation - A bitesize guide". 


This downloadable PDF introduces the concept of the environment as it is depicted within the Model of Human Occupation and begins to look at what the occupational therapist takes into consideration when assessing the impact the environment has on participation.


This guide is perfect for those new to the model or, who just want a refresher. With a mixture of theory and case studies, this PDF is a handy tool for those wanting to know what sort of questions to ask when considering the impact the environment has on the person. 


This PDF is aimed at those practising with adults in physical health and mental health settings, with older adults and those in role emerging and/or non-traditional settings. I will be releasing a guide with paediatric case studies soon!


This PDF includes:

  • An explanation of the environment as a concept within MOHO and its core elements
  • Definitions of the key terms
  • Four case studies with questions that you can use when talking to your own service users
  • CPD questions

The Environment

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