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Didi has bipolar disorder, which she had been able to manage well in the community with little input from the CMHT. 


During COVID, Didi’s daily routine was severely impacted, she was no longer able to work and was no longer able to meet with her group of friends that went for a cold water swim most mornings. Did also had to support her ex-partner with looking after the children and their home schooling as he is a delivery driver and was still required to work.


Didi became overwhelmed with the stress that this caused, stopped taking her prescribed medications and started drinking alcohol to try and manage her elevating mood, which resulted in a further deterioration in her mental state. Didi's local home treatment team tried to support Didi in the community and re-establish her medication regime however, her chaotic behaviour began to put herself and others at risk. Following an MHAA the decision was made to admit Didi under Section 2 of the MHA.


Read Didi's story and use the questions at the end to help you frame Didi in the Model of Human Occupation and develop an intervention plan for her.

Case study - Inpatient mental health

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