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The VQ - Finding the on switch

The VQ (de las Heras, et al., 2007) and the Paediatric VQ (Basu, et al., 1998) are assessments designed to garner information on volition via the observation of the service user. These assessments were developed as traditionally, it had been difficult to assess volition in service users that were experiencing severely restricted volition and/or communication and cognitive limitations. The assessments recognises that volition is unique for each individual and that understanding how each individual is motivated is essential to client-centred services. They also acknowledge that each individual responds differently to different environments and that it is important to understand how factors in the environment may contribute to the client's motivation. And, they attempt to recognise that, while a service user may find it difficult to formulate goals or express their interests and values verbally, they are often able to communicate them through their actions. The PVQ is designed for children aged 2-6 and the VQ for older children, adolescents and adults.

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